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Jess's ability to articulate and execute her visions for the space, but through MY eyes, is talent beyond comparison.

Jae Goess, Design Client

The store offers creativity and surprises (plus a glass of wine) whenever you walk in the store!!

Connie Conner, Customer

If you’re looking for great design, home decor, jewelry and a personalized experience, go no further than Halo Home.

Erika Taylor, Customer

After shopping at Halo Home for years, I worked with the team to transform my formal living room into a home office. The team learned about my style by visiting my home and seeing my existing pieces that I wanted to continue to use. The team helped me select furnishings and scheduled a day to perform an accessory install. While working on the project, I decided to have the team accessorize my family room and dining room! I could not be more thrilled with the results!

Mary Beth Eason

Could not be happier with the way our home turned out. Jess and her team completely transformed our space, handling everything from custom furniture and rug orders to framing and hanging our family pictures. 100% recommend. If you are considering a one day install my advice is to just do it - you’ll love the outcome and the experience of coming home to a fully decorated home. We will be customers forever!

Will Eblin

I cannot truly express into words, the feeling and movement within Jess's vision that became my reality. The journey of effectively decorating my home in a way that not only speaks to me as the homeowner, but also speaks to those who visit my home in the same way, was overwhelming with out Jess. She truly has a gift. And, she made it look effortless! Her ability to articulate and execute her visions for the space, but through MY eyes, is talent beyond comparison. Thank you Jess and Team Halo for being YOU and sharing such amazing talents with our community and myself!

Jae Goess

My husband and I hired Jess and team at Halo Home for the one day install of our downstairs and she made all of our dreams come true!!! Jess took into account our preferences, budget, 3 animals and didnt mind that we live an hour away and made our house look gorgeous!! We truly appreciated the details and everything that she put into our home 💚💚

Amanda Benson


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