Interior Design Client Spotlight: The Harris House

Interior Design Client Spotlight: The Harris House

One of our largest jobs to date, we completed this home through stages to transform the client’s space into the home of their dreams! 

 Harris kitchen before

Starting with the kitchen, we were presented with a space with dated details that the client wanted to update. The dark flooring pulled the room down and made the space feel smaller than it actually was. We wanted to lighten the space and bring a breath of fresh air to the kitchen for the client to enjoy. Here’s what we completed to turn the kitchen from Olive Garden-esque to Architecture Digest:

Harris kitchen after with kitchen island and new chairs and light fixtures

  • Expanded the existing upper cabinets to the ceiling and added new crown molding and hardware
  • Replaced existing light fixtures with new pendant lights and added additional recessed lighting
  • Repositioned new appliances to make them more accessible
  • Wrapped existing island with shiplap and added a fresh coat of paint
  • Installed new quartz countertops and backsplash
  • Added a fresh coat of paint to the walls, ceiling, and cabinetry
  • Brought in new barstools and accessories to freshen the space

Harris living room before

For the living room, we wanted to modernize the space while also keeping timeless elements to fit the client’s style. The home came with dramatic molding throughout the entire home. Even though we loved the decorative detail, we wanted to dial it back somewhat to make it less overwhelming.  This is what we accomplished to completely makeover the living room and foyer:

Harris living room after
  • Replaced the existing molding with a gorgeous wrapped floor-to-ceiling porcelain mantle and fireplace insert
  • Installed floating shelves to flank the fireplace
  • Refreshed two console tables and two buffet pieces with new paint and finish
  • Brought in a new custom sectional and supporting furniture pieces
  • Layed down a new rug
  • Replaced the stair runner with a fresh new selection
  • Replaced all light fixtures within the living and foyer
  • Decorated with fresh accessories from the store

Now the job wouldn’t be complete without tackling the exterior. Prior to getting our hands on the home, the exterior had a salmon brick color that wasn't complimentary to the newly refurbished interior. So, we painted the entire exterior a soothing white with touches of rich charcoal gray on the flashing, rain gutters, and brick detail. We also painted the garage doors and newly replaced front door to have a rich  faux wood detail and replaced the exterior lighting. 


Talk about a complete transformation! We had a great time working with the client to achieve the Halo Home of their dreams that they’ll enjoy for years to come

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